A review of Walmart's online grocery shopping service: Walmart Grocery Pickup

Walmart Grocery Pickup

  • TYPE - Pickup
  • FEE - No charge so far, though the website mentions there is a fee. Will update.
  • MINIMUM ODER - No minimum
  • PAYMENTS ACCEPTED - Credit or debit. No WM gift cards at this time. Pay online when ordering.
  • PICKUP HOURS - 8am-8pm, 7 days a week
Walmart Grocery | Twisted Tastes


As of Jan. 2017, Walmart’s grocery website is the best in my opinion. I can see the items in my cart, add items from search results, and see my subtotal all on the same page. There’s less clicking necessary. It’s pretty easy to navigate too.

Turnaround Time

The turnaround time in my area is next day for Walmart. I usually can pick any slot I want as they’re not filled up.


The coupon policy at Walmart isn’t clear on the website. There isn’t an app for digital coupons like Meijer and Kroger has. I personally don’t clip paper coupons since I don’t have the time to go through them regularly. I sent an inquiry through the website and received a reply.

“...Thank you for your inquiry about the Walmart Grocery service. Unfortunately, we currently do not accept payment or discount types outside of credit or debit cards....”

They also said that many people have requested they accept coupons so maybe we’ll see that feature in the future.
Walmart Grocery | Twisted Tastes

Freshness & Order Accuracy

There has never been a problem with freshness from my local Walmart. Order accuracy is pretty good too. I usually have 1-3 substitutions per order of about $175-$250 which is to be expected. They offer a substitution option for EACH item, but NO customization/comment section (e.g. please shave the turkey instead of slice or only green bananas please).

Visit grocery.walmart.com for more info

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