Save your favorite Twisted Tastes recipes (along with thousands of others) on Yummly in your own personal recipe box. They are accessible on your computer and all your mobile devices for easy recipe reading while you cook!

Recently I began hunting around for more places to share Twisted Taste recipes and gather recipe inspiration. I found a gem of a website called Yummly.

It's like having access to thousands of cookbooks where you can save your favorites to your own personal (digital) recipe box which can be accessed on all your mobile devices and computer. They have certainly covered their bases as far as giving you access to thousands (maybe millions?) of tasty recipes from EVERYWHERE. Seriously, I use their iPhone app, iPad app, and the desktop version...and all look fantastic and are easy to navigate.

Enough ranting, but I wanted to let everyone know how accessible they are.

What's even MORE fabulous is that Twisted Tastes has become a Yummly Publisher. You can save your favorite Twisted Tastes recipes directly from our website into your personal digital Yummly recipe box, and access it on your phone or tablet while cooking. Trust me, cooking with a laptop on the counter is a wee annoying. You don't know how many keyboard covers I have gone through on my laptop. I'm always getting flour or food remnants on it (from cooking...not from eating like a slob). I finally gave that up and write my recipes in my "little black recipe book." [Spoiler: Once I get things started, my little black book is going to be the basis of my cookbook....but don't rush me! I'm a busy woman. ]

Just click the "Yum" button and you're all set. Yummly will save the the recipe page in your recipe box along with all the ingredients. Easy more browser bookmarks in the "recipe" folder with crazy, obsure recipes from three years ago. Now that I have this mini-Yummly tutorial over, check it out (after you YUM my recipes, of course!). If you would like to check out all Twisted Tastes recipes on Yummly visit

Twisted Tastes on Yummly